The Brand


Aelia Selection is all about the energy, the light, the genesis that the Sun emits to the Planet Earth. The solar system, the Earth, human life, all find their own way to exist. Everything is interconnected. This is why each and every one piece of the following collections is created by Fotini Kostouli to give energy, strength and unite those amazing women who dare to feel unique. 
Those everyday pieces of art, are designed to satisfy the higher standards of women who share their passion for life, for the art, for aesthetics.

The Designer

Fotini Kostouli began discovering the jewelry world and the magic of working with various materials and techniques 20 years ago. On 2014, she founded the brand Aelia Selection, creating series of jewelry, utilizing art elements and providing an expression of glamor. Each individual piece offers a unique combination of colors and textures, articulating people’s individuality. 
Fotini divides her collections in themes, providing a cohesive flow. Her concepts apart from  being displayed in numerous concept stores, have also been displayed in galleries, museums & fashion shows, all over Greece as well as in Paris, London, Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest & New York. 
Her vision is to motivate women to dare showing their unique personality, onto their everyday outfit, utilising art to express them­selves.